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Becky Moran

Becky Moran

Client Services Associate

As a Client Services Associate at District Financial Planning, I am responsible for coordinating communication between clients and advisors, scheduling appointments, providing information and answering questions, and assisting with technical support. I have been working in the financial services industry for a little over a year now, and I am excited to continue learning about this field.

Before joining the financial services industry, I worked as a graphic designer for start-ups, non-profits, and on government contracts for over a decade. I obtained a BFA in communication arts with a minor in psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University.

I am motivated by the opportunity to learn about the industry and the financial terms that I've never quite understood before. When it comes to my job, I most enjoy being helpful and solving problems. Any weird issue that I can have a hand in fixing is rewarding for me. I believe that the greatest value I can provide clients is by serving as a bridge between them and their financial advisor and also providing any technical support they may need.

During my free time, I enjoy reading, drinking tea, and learning new crafting techniques. My current projects include making paper flowers and mural painting. I find these activities to be a great way to unwind and tap into my creative side.