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Congratulations! You’ve successfully retired and settled into your golden years. At this point, you may be shifting from an earning mindset to an investing profile; focused on safeguarding your assets. Learning how to manage your money is a challenge that pays off with a comfortable quality of life, in addition to gaining the potential of leaving wealth behind for your loved ones.

  • Retirement Budget: Work with Jeff to ensure that you’re not overspending on hidden expenses that may be overlooked and, inadvertently, draining your retirement income. Jeff will also work with you to adjust your income to inflation and key life events that may impact your spending power (i.e., health emergencies, updated insurance policies, change of residence, and more).
  • Portfolio Review: To ensure you can sustain your spending for the next couple of decades, it’s ideal that you diversify your portfolio to match your risk tolerance and proper timeline. How will your portfolio respond during the next stock market downturn?
  • Long Term Care: Do you have a plan to meet expenses in the event you or your loved one incurs expenses related to Long Term Care? Can you afford a nursing home? Will your retirement assets get wiped out if you need care? Let’s plan to make sure you have strategies in place to meet these needs.
  • Important Documents: Whether young or old, preparing for death is never easy, but thinking ahead can minimize the financial hoops your family may endure. By assigning roles and responsibilities to your family, and accounting for all your assets, you are helping your family move forward with healing from your loss.

The list is not all-encompassing — it’s meant to help you start thinking about what financial needs you may encounter during your retirement. Everyone is unique and it is recommended you speak with Jeff to ensure all your assets, insurance policies, and more are being covered.