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Thank you for your interest in working with District Financial Planning! We welcome the opportunity to learn and understand your financial needs to sustain your ideal lifestyle and retire comfortably.

We are a full-service financial firm committed to helping people pursue their financial goals. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ operating in a fiduciary capacity, we put our clients' interests first, always.

We offer a wide range of financial products and services to individuals and business owners, which we believe will better enable you:

  • Clearly define your financial goals
  • Equip you with sound information, that in turn, helps you…
  • Make tangible, informed decisions to improve financial confidence.

Below, are three descriptions of typical clients we work with. Although we welcome clients from all walks of life, the following is the list of most common that we work with. If any information resonates with you, please reach out to us for a complimentary initial consultation. We welcome any information you can supply for a comprehensive perspective of your current outlook and goals. From there, Jeff will propose ways you two can work together to address your financial needs. To schedule, please use the red booking widget on the lower right of the screen.

Federal Employees

For federal employees, reviewing the various types of employment benefits offered by the federal government can be confusing. At District Financial Planning, we’ll work with you to understand which retirement, financial planning, and investment strategies fit your needs.

Whether your questions are regarding FERS, FEGLI, TSP, CSRS, or any other acronym, we are well versed in your options and are ready to help.


How much do you have in savings and investments? Does your employer offer a pension plan? Do you have long-term care policy ready? In your 40s and 50s, you should be thinking about how well your nest egg fund is ready for success — think through if you have the financial resources to meet your daily retirement needs, in addition to funds for travel, to be with family, and more. At District Financial Planning, Jeff will work with you to sift through the strategies and options available for a comfortable retirement. In general, we ask clients to think through the following items:

  • Retirement Needs: What does your retirement paycheck need to look like? Is your mortgage going to be paid off?  Are you currently in your retirement home?  Will you be spending your nest egg on travel and helping out the kids?  Let’s talk through the scenarios so we can start to determine if you’re “on track.”
  • Expected Retirement Age: A common mistake pre-retirees will make is assume they’ll keep working past the age of retirement (varies from age 65 to age 67 by year of birth). Sometimes, due to lay-offs, family emergencies, health, and more, you may find yourself retiring earlier than expected. Planning for this contingency may be the best course of action.
  • Portfolio Readjustment: There is no one-size-fits all technique for ensuring a comfortable investment fund. When individuals near retirement, common investment mistakes include investing in too speculative of investments or shifting investments to liquid markets. Drilling down how risky your portfolio should be will depend on your current financial situation and where it should be by the time you retire.
  • Debt: Dealing with debt prior to retirement is key to ensuring your golden years aren’t derailed from comfort. By paying debt down now, you can afford financial flexibility later in retirement. Jeff can work with you to best advice how to pay down debts.
  • Catch-up Provisions: Depending on your financial outlook, you may consider in investing more into retirement accounts tocatch-up” on missed contributions. For individuals 50 and over, adding more to your employer sponsored plans or IRAs can help you to maximize your savings.
  • Important Documents: Last, it’s crucial everyone has important documents like a trust, will, estate plan, and more prepared and filed away for safe keeping. Thinking ahead to your passing, and what your family will need to settle your estate, will alleviate the emotional and financial burden your loved ones will face down the line.

Turning 40-50 is a perfect time to start maximizing your benefits and cash reserves for your retirement. Work with Jeff to create a retirement budget, learn how to settle any major expense or debts, adjust your spending and investment strategy, and advice you on how reduce taxes upon retirement.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully retired and settled into your golden years. At this point, you may be shifting from an earning mindset to an investing profile; focused on safeguarding your assets. Learning how to manage your money is a challenge that pays off with a comfortable quality of life, in addition to gaining the potential of leaving wealth behind for your loved ones.

  • Retirement Budget: Work with Jeff to ensure that you’re not overspending on hidden expenses that may be overlooked and, inadvertently, draining your retirement income. Jeff will also work with you to adjust your income to inflation and key life events that may impact your spending power (i.e., health emergencies, updated insurance policies, change of residence, and more).
  • Portfolio Review: To ensure you can sustain your spending for the next couple of decades, it’s ideal that you diversify your portfolio to match your risk tolerance and proper timeline. How will your portfolio respond during the next stock market downturn?
  • Long Term Care: Do you have a plan to meet expenses in the event you or your loved one incurs expenses related to Long Term Care?  Can you afford a nursing home?  Will your retirement assets get wiped out if you need care?  Let’s plan to make sure you have strategies in place to meet these needs.
  • Important Documents: Whether young or old, preparing for death is never easy, but thinking ahead can minimize the financial hoops your family may endure. By assigning roles and responsibilities to your family, and accounting for all your assets, you are helping your family move forward with healing from your loss.

The list is not all-encompassing it’s meant to help you start thinking about what financial needs you may encounter during your retirement. Everyone is unique and it is recommended you speak with Jeff to ensure all your assets, insurance policies, and more are being covered.

For more information about our firm and the services we offer, send us a quick email or call the office. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

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